Meet Jessica


...and find out why styling is so important to her


Maryland Native & mother to two amazing children 

Degree in Fashion Design & Merchandising

Certified Fashion Stylist/Image Consultant 

Overcoming Skin Condition:

Around the age of 6 months her parents noticed she had some type of skin issue but thought she would out grow it quickly. Soon after turning 3 years old her skin started breaking out terribly. Throughout her childhood her parents traveled miles to meet with different doctors every month to find treatment for this serious skin condition. After meeting with one of the doctors she was diagnosed with a severe case of atopic dermatitis. Her condition was so bad she was hospitalized at Johns Hopkins for weeks. This condition discolored her face & darkened her body which made her a target during school to be bullied horribly.  She was called names like blackie, burnt cookie, oreo cookie, burnt girl, midnight, ugly & the most horrible names which made her down herself for years through out her school days. As she grew older she finally found a doctor that could turn her life around. 

Overcoming Emotional & Verbal Abuse:

After such a traumatizing childhood, she never thought she would have to experience an emotional roller coaster ride as an adult. Going through years of gaslighting, coercion, undermining, threats, name calling, stalking, & a consistent attack on her self esteem from a domestic partner it made her start to doubt herself, her accomplishments, & her future. While trying to deal with it all & hide it from family/friends she experienced anxiety & depression which jeopardized her ambitions. One day after lots of prayer she put her foot down & decided to escape the toxic life she was in to find herself again & continue chasing her dreams.

"There are many people in this world going through the same situations or even worse covering it with a "fake" smile & they need to know that through all their perseverance they can live out their dreams & accomplish every goal set for themselves. Self worth & Self confidence are very important to a happy life. I let my skin condition define me for so long & a domestic partner make me feel less than who I really was. When I finally broke out of those chains, the sky was the limit. My purpose is to give others this same feeling of confidence, self love & understanding through my passion of styling. Loving the skin they're in and being true to yourself is the most rewarding factor of their lives." - JESSICA